Dear Customers,

My name is Michael Morozov, I am the owner and operator of Gold Standard. I started this company back in 2003 while attending the Schulich School of Business. Gold Standard was founded with a couple of squeegees, a ladder, an old minivan, and a mission to start Canada’s largest property maintenance company. Since our humble beginnings, many aspects of our business have changed. However, our dedication to excellence, value, and strong customer relationships have not. It is these fundamental values that have helped us grow across North America servicing more than 18,000 customers per annum with two offices coast-to-coast.

Once I entered this industry, I was quick to discover that very few companies operate as a true “business”. This has been our competitive advantage and the reason for our drastic growth. When you enter our office and see our back-end technologies, you will be quick to discover this is not your typical ‘property maintenance’ company. Our innovative back-end technologies have allowed us to streamline our service offering, ensuring that the whole process is smooth and hassle free. Our expanding service line ensures that you can deal with a “One-Stop Shop” that stands behind its ‘Gold Standard’ branding.

At Gold Standard we have committed ourselves to customer satisfaction. I give you my word that when partnering with Gold Standard, your project will be completed properly and professionally. Through the use of my education and experience in the industry, I quickly realized that it is 10 times cheaper keeping a customer happy, than finding a new one. This has been our philosophy since the birth of this company. We want your business for the next 20 years, not a one time ‘quick hit’. I look forward to working with you.

Thank you,

Michael Morozov
President, Gold Standard