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Having your carpet cleaned every three to six months ensures that discolouration, stains, dust, and other debris are non-existent. Allowing us to service you will yield clean and neat carpets and will give you more time to focus on other things.  


That's simple. Gold Standard uses biologically friendly surfactant and sanitizer to clean and sanitize the area as safely as possible. To your benefit, we also give you a complimentary carpet guard that acts as a shield against airborne bacteria and prolongs the cleanliness of your carpet. Here at Gold Standard, we work to fit your budget. Interested? Simply fill out the form on our contact page to with your information and the size of your carpet and we will get back to you regarding a quote as soon as possible.


Key Benefits of the Service

  Avoid the labour
  Improve the quality of air indoors
  Prolong your carpet's lifespan
  All-round certified and insured cleaners
  Satisfaction Guaranteed

Close-up of a blue carpet being cleaned by a vacuum.
Get rid of bacteria, dirt, and grime stuck in your carpet with Gold Standard's carpet cleaning services!