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19 Nov 2017

How To: Make Your Home Safer For Seniors

Are you a senior or taking care of an elderly person? Trying to make their home safer for them to live in? In either case, this senior home safety guide is a fabulous way to minimize potential hazards that can transpire in a senior’s home. For this reason, follow these simple tips to help make their homes safer and more accessible.

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The Bathroom

As previously stated, falls and injuries happen in a home regardless if it is inside washing dishes or outside gardening. Furthermore, statistics prove that the bathroom and kitchen are most likely spots to experience an injury. Not only is the shower a safety concern for seniors, but with improper equipment in the bathroom floor can get wet, which as a result of this can create an unsafe environment for elders. For this reason, we have made a checklist to keep seniors safe while living in their home.

  • Install handles near the toilets to aid in getting up and down.
  • Install an emergency cord in case they need help.
  • Place a walk around tub or shower with plenty of handles and a non-slip surface.
  • Add a tub with a seat.

The Living Room

The senior home safety guide understands your primary goal of a caregiver for elderly is to be safe and secure. Our living room checklist creates a safer, secure living room for you or your loved ones.

  • Install a chair lift to help get them up and down staircases.
  • Make sure that all the electrical cords are against the walls or bundled behind the furniture.
  • Remove tripping hazards by fastening all the rugs and other items to the floors that could bunch up.
  • Consider installing levers on entry doors instead of doorknobs.
  • Install night-lights throughout the house so they can see at night and early in the morning.
  • Install easy ramps over doorways that change from carpet to tile so the wheelchair or walker does not get stuck on the flooring strip.

The Kitchen

  • Get drawers that are easy to open.
  • Install shelves that slide open for easy access to dishes and other contents.
  • Lower countertops and appliances to help seniors with wheelchairs use countertop equipment.

A safer home for seniors starts with modifying the house for accessibility and safety. Using these tips seniors will remain independent longer!

31 May 2017

A Message from the President…

Dear Customers,

My name is Michael Morozov, I am the owner and operator of Gold Standard. I started this company back in 2003 while attending the Schulich School of Business. Gold Standard was founded with a couple of squeegees, a ladder, an old minivan, and a mission to start Canada’s largest property maintenance company. Since our humble beginnings, many aspects of our business have changed. However, our dedication to excellence, value, and strong customer relationships have not. It is these fundamental values that have helped us grow across North America servicing more than 18,000 customers per annum with two offices coast-to-coast.

Once I entered this industry, I was quick to discover that very few companies operate as a true “business”. This has been our competitive advantage and the reason for our drastic growth. When you enter our office and see our back-end technologies, you will be quick to discover this is not your typical ‘property maintenance’ company. Our innovative back-end technologies have allowed us to streamline our service offering, ensuring that the whole process is smooth and hassle free. Our expanding service line ensures that you can deal with a “One-Stop Shop” that stands behind its ‘Gold Standard’ branding.

At Gold Standard we have committed ourselves to customer satisfaction. I give you my word that when partnering with Gold Standard, your project will be completed properly and professionally. Through the use of my education and experience in the industry, I quickly realized that it is 10 times cheaper keeping a customer happy, than finding a new one. This has been our philosophy since the birth of this company. We want your business for the next 20 years, not a one time ‘quick hit’. I look forward to working with you.

Thank you,

Michael Morozov
President, Gold Standard
24 May 2017

The Benefits of Window Cleaning on Your Small Business

The window display of a local dress shop.
Clean windows display your company as professional and prestigious to those walking by.


It is an obvious fact that businesses that thrive are those that keep their store fronts well-maintained. We can all recall a time when we went window shopping and were too distracted by a shop’s dirty, unkempt windows to notice the beautiful outfit the mannequin was sporting behind it. Although it may not be high on your list of daily priorities, it is proven that routine window cleaning is an investment that pays off.  Here are three reasons why:

1. An Increase in Professionalism

Yes, having your store front windows masked in fingerprints and dirty streaks can actually dissuade a potential customer from entering your shop (and yes, that was sarcasm). But why? Because first impressions matter. If the first thing a new customer sees is your stained, cobweb covered windows, what do you think they are going to assume about your business as a whole? Or even you as the owner? Your business reflects your personality and professionalism. Having them professionally cleaned regularly increases the value of what is on display behind it and, in sequence, increases consumer confidence about your brand.

2. A Decrease in Long-Term Costs

Although we know that getting your windows cleaned isn’t number one on your list of daily priorities, it is essential for one very simple reason: it will, in time, reduce costs. Grimy windows actually deflect the suns rays, leading to less heat entering your shop naturally. What does this result in? You cranking up your electric heat, costing you money day after day in the winter. Also when left uncleaned, window tracks become clogged with debris and filth which can lead to the window not opening and closing properly or can even create mold! Do you want to pay more later to remove the mold and mildew in your shop while potentially risking your own health just because you were to lazy to get your windows cleaned? I think not.

3. An Increase in Employee Satisfaction

Having dirty windows can make employees feel trapped and demotivated. With a clear view of the bright city street, your employees will feel uplifted and even proud to work in your shop. Clean windows project a business that is professional, sophisticated, and prestigious and that projection is emulated by it’s employees.

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