The Affordable Window Professionals

Did an unexpected event happen in your facility and you need a cleanup crew as soon as possible? Call Gold Standard. We are here to help you in any situation. 


A large portion of unforeseen accidents can lead to flooding and eventually cause serious damage to your facility. Our team has the ability to clean up these mishaps quickly and effectively while mitigating the risk of property damage and mold growth. 

Key Benefits of the Service

  Decrease the risk of mold growth
  Keep your work environment healthy and safe
  Decrease the risk of property damage
  All-round certified and insured cleaners
  Tons of savings

A flooded residential building in need of emergency water cleanup.
Accidents happen! That's why Gold Standard is always here to clean up the mess.


Our cleaning team has many years of experience dealing with countless types of homes and windows and our customer focused approach makes us the best home maintenance company!
We are not happy until you are completely satisfied with our work. That's why we have our satisfaction guarantee! Did we miss a spot? Let us know and we will be over right away!
We began this journey with the idea to become the best home maintenance company out there and that begins with our commitment to our customers!
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