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A Modern Exterior Ventilation System
Increase energy efficiency with Gold Standard's exterior vent cleaning service!


Having your exterior vents cleaned annually is imperative for your business. By ensuring that all dust is eliminated, the amount of debris build-up decreases immensely. This ultimately increases energy efficiency and ensures a healthy breathing environment. Not having your exterior vents cleaned will potentially lead to expensive repairs and health risks.


Key Benefits of the Service

  Avoid spending money on expensive repairs
  Keeps the air in your office clean and healthy
  Increased energy efficiency
  All-round certified and insured cleaners
  Tons of savings

Our cleaning team has many years of experience dealing with countless types of homes and windows and our customer focused approach makes us the best home maintenance company!
We are not happy until you are completely satisfied with our work. That's why we have our satisfaction guarantee! Did we miss a spot? Let us know and we will be over right away!
We began this journey with the idea to become the best home maintenance company out there and that begins with our commitment to our customers!
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