Gold Standard Services Blog: Residential Window Cleaning in Ontario

The Benefits Of Hiring a Professional Window



Glass is porous, gradually the dirt will erode the surface. Window cleaning professionals have the perfect equipment to ensure there are no accidents that cause injury or damage to your home windows. 

Window cleaning done regularly will extend windows lifespan, curb appeal and increase heat efficiency in your home, but is time-consuming, especially if your property has multiple levels of windows. Hiring professional window cleaners who are trained, insured and have proper equipment to limit accidents will reduce injury or damage. 

The Cost of Window Cleaning in Ontario

Yes, of course, anyone with a squeegee, a bucket and a mop can call themselves a professional window cleaner. Therefore, it is vital you do your own research before hiring anyone to service your property and is important to understand that professional window cleaning companies price their services differently, with many factors altering the price of a full-house window cleaning. 

Furthermore, the number of panes you need cleaned determines the cost of window cleaning. The average residential window is two panes of glass. Although window cleaning is straightforward job, below is a list of factors that will give you a better understanding of the top factors that impact costs.

  • Whether you require exterior, interior, or both window cleaning
  • The type of windows that need to be cleaned (Single or Double Pane, French Windows, Etc.)
  • The number of stories your home has and the complexity of your home (Are ladders and extension poles needed)
  • How often you need your windows cleaned
  • How dirty the glass is
  • Do you have stain glass windows

These are a few factors that will affect your home window cleaning prices. 

Data shows that the average full house interior and exterior window cleaning in Ontario is $260 to $320. For best results, clean your windows twice annually, once in the spring and once in the fall. Homeowners that leave their windows contaminated will cause window damage and windows are expensive to replace. 

Saves Time

No matter what size your home is, there is one thing we can all agree on, window cleaning is a pain, but when the summertime is upon us having sparkling clean windows is a MUST. Having your windows clean makes any room feel bigger, brighter, and cleaner. Not to worry. Professional cleaners love the jobs you hate. Hiring professionals can save you tons of time and hassle while minimizing accidents or injuries. Spend your beautiful weekends doing something you really enjoy, struggling to clean your windows.  

Extend your Windows Lifespan

Regular professional window cleaning keeps environmental contaminants like dirt, hard water, debris and oxidation off of your windows. Professional window cleaners are trained to spot problems with damaged glass, seals and frames and effectively take care of your home windows.

Heat Efficiency

Hiring professional window cleaners is a big investment, but an important one also. Did you know that having clean windows can actually save you tons on your energy bill? You may not know, but window cleaning can help heat your home. If dirt, grime, and dust is left on your windows it blocks the sun’s UV rays and doesn’t allow your home to generate the free heat the sun has to offer. This over time will cost you hundreds on energy bills to heat your home.

Curb Appeal 

Nonetheless, your windows are a focal point of your home. Clean windows allow sunlight in your home which brightens it up and contributes to the overall curb appeal. Window cleaning professionals are capable of cleaning surfaces to restore curb appeal without the cost of repairing or replacing panes. 

DIY Tips

If you are interested in cleaning the more accessible windows in your home by yourself, remember not to use tools that can scratch or scrap the windows that could result in damages or repairs. Also, avoid washing windows in direct sunlight because although it may dry the windows faster, it means increased streaking. 

Additional Add-ons 

Homes that reside near saltwater may encounter more maintenance due to the salt content within the air. Thus, being located on a busy road may result in a higher level of debris on your residential windows. Moreover, the cost of window cleaning on the first two stories of your home are generally the same, but when you exceed two stories the cost can go up per pane on stories three and four.