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Let's start off with the first question that is probably in your head: what is window caulking? Essentially, window caulking is the use of a filler to ensure that windows are watertight and airtight!


A large portion of the warm or cool air in your home could be (literally) going out the window due to cracks and holes around your windows. Hiring a window caulking service will ensure that all the warm and cool air you are paying for stays in your home for good. Not only that, your utility bills will likely decrease in cost and your windows will last longer! 


Key Benefits of the Service

  Avoid spending more on utility costs
  Keeps the air in your house in for good
  Longer lasting windows
  All-round certified and insured cleaners
  Tons of savings

Close up of our cleaner performing a window caulking service.
Save tons on utility costs with Gold Standard's state-of-the-art window caulking services!

Our cleaning team has many years of experience dealing with countless types of homes and windows and our customer focused approach makes us the best home maintenance company!
We are not happy until you are completely satisfied with our work. That's why we have our satisfaction guarantee! Did we miss a spot? Let us know and we will be over right away!
We began this journey with the idea to become the best home maintenance company out there and that begins with our commitment to our customers!
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